guide about amethyst rings

Amethyst Ring : Selecting the Perfect One

The Amethyst stone exudes Royalty. It’s said that Amethyst Protects and shows Loyalty. These are just a few facts known about this February Birthstone. Are you still not sure? Read our complete guide to selecting the perfect Amethyst Ring or some other piece of Amethyst jewelry.

popular ring settings

Types of Ring Settings for Engagement Rings

Today there are many types of available ring settings to choose from when buying an engagement ring. By selecting a different setting you can change the overall appearance and style of a ring.

garnet engagement ring guide

Garnet Rings are for the January Birthstone Bride

Garnets are one of the most fierce and passionate gemstones, making them the ideal engagement rings for the ice and fire January Birthstone bride. But which garnet should one choose – we will help you decide.

how to clean your jewelry safetly

How to clean jewelry?

Keeping your jewelry in great shape is a must. To keep your clean jewelry shining can have different approaches depending on the materials it’s made of. Before ruining your jewelry with bleach, read this short guide on clean jewelry.

turquoise gemstone guide

Turquoise Rings

Choosing a Turquoise ring is not as simple as should you get a green one or a blue one. Although both have great-looking specimens, there are more aspects to them. Check our guide about Turquoise rings to find out more.

guide into promise rings

Is Promise Ring a Thing?

Giving a ring doesn’t need to have the pressure of getting engaged or having an anniversary. You can be friends, best buddies, or even in a relationship. Saying that how should a promise ring look? Learn all about it before buying one.

guide into lapis lazuli gemstones

Lapis Lazuli Rings

This almost Earth-like gemstone is one of the best-looking gems to put on your jewelry. Does your loved one like blue colors or even a December-based birthstone gem? Definitely one of the trending gemstones worth considering having on a ring.

alexandrite guide about rings

Alexandrite Rings

Alexandrite rings are gorgeous and look breathtaking when worn. Choosing the perfect one, price-wise and looks-wise is quite a task. The guide will give you pointers on which alexandrite gem (lab-grown or natural) to get on your ring.

gold types

Which Gold Type Suits Your Skin Type

You might like a specific gold type so much that you never even tried a different one or thought of owning one. Your skin type can complement your jewelry and vice-versa. Consider pointers in our guide for your next purchase.

examples of hammered ring finish

What are Ring Finishes?

While perfectly polished rings might be the all-time classic we all love, many ring polishes are very eye-catching. Here is an article describing all the available ring finishes.

men wedding rings

What are Mens Wedding Bands?

Buying the perfect wedding ring is not as simple as going into the shop and walking out with one., especially for the groom. We wrote a few pointers for you to make a perfect choice.

melting 14k vs 18k gold karat ring

14k vs 18k Gold Karat Guide (10k 14k 18k 24k Gold)

Should I buy 14k vs 18k gold ring? A very common question, so we created a short guide about it. A few pointers when buying jewelry based on gold fineness.

finding the perfect wedding ring for lesbian couple

How are the Perfect Lesbian Wedding Rings Found?

Choosing jewelry is hard but choosing wedding rings or even engagement ring is even harder. We made a short guide in helping you write your love story.

engagement by the beach boho couple

Do Boho Engagement Rings Get Picked By The Modern Bride

Fusion of old and new can be appealing when done stylishly. We have prepared a guide into boho engagement rings for that, so choosing one won’t be so difficult.

you should love yourself for being yourself

Self Love Ring : Trend of the Anti Engagement Ring

From all the pressure these days and the fast-moving, we tend to forget about ourselves. Due to this, a trend began called self love which made people wear self love rings. The first time you heard this?

types of gem cuts

Gem Cuts, Shapes and Sizes: Choosing Your Gem Cut

Regardless of the gemstone type, there are many different gem cuts available. The questions then come up are what those cuts are, whether multiple gem cuts can be used on a gem.

birthstone guide

Birthstone Guide by Month – Find Your Gemstone

We can categorize each gemstone into a specific month based on its color and energy. We call them Birthstones and if you don’t know which one represents you – here is a guide available into Birthstones.

sapphire the royal stone

Sapphire the Stone of Royalty – All About Sapphires

Do you and your chosen one feel Royal? To reward your Queen with the Crown Jewel consider jewelry with Sapphire, they exude royalty. If not sure which one you should choose from we prepared a guide for you.

Moss Agate Gemstone Close up

Moss Agate Stone: The Complete Guide

What are Moss Agate stones about? How are they created? Why should one wear them? These are just some of the most common questions about Moss Agates that are very popular with our products. Are your considering buying a Moss Agate?

guide to salt and pepper diamond jewelry

Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings Guide

If you always liked the shine of Diamonds but wanted something truly unique, then Salt and Pepper Diamonds are the answer. To fully understand what they are about we prepped a guide to help you decide.

ring sizing for him and her

Ring Sizing Guide

Are you trying to propose, but don’t know her ring size? We prepared a guide on how to get her measures done in secret and other ways. With our ways and pointers, you will get this done right. Make sure by reading the guide.

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