birthstone guide

Birthstone Guide by Month – Find Your Gemstone

We can categorize each gemstone into a specific month based on its color and energy. We call them Birthstones and if you don’t know which one represents you – here is a guide available into Birthstones.

sapphire the royal stone

Sapphire the Stone of Royalty – All About Sapphires

Do you and your chosen one feel Royal? To reward your Queen with the Crown Jewel consider jewelry with Sapphire, they exude royalty. If not sure which one you should choose from we prepared a guide for you.

Moss Agate Gemstone Close up

Moss Agate Stone: The Complete Guide

What are Moss Agate stones about? How are they created? Why should one wear them? These are just some of the most common questions about Moss Agates that are very popular with our products.

guide to salt and pepper diamond jewelry

Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Rings Guide

If you always liked the shine of Diamonds but wanted something truly unique, then Salt and Pepper Diamonds are the answer. To fully understand what they are about we prepped a guide to help you decide.

ring sizing for him and her

Ring Sizing Guide

Are you trying to propose, but don’t know her ring size? We prepared a guide on how to get her measures done in secret and other ways. With our ways and pointers, you will get this done right.

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