There is an endless list of rings that have different meanings and purposes. However, most rings have symbolic meanings that revolve around love and relationships. Here is when the self love ring comes up. This ring breaks the barriers of relationships that rings had created around themselves by creating one meant for independence. Although it is still a symbol of love, it is for no one but yourself. Confused about the concept or want to know more? You’re in the right place. Here, you will find everything related to self love rings that you need.

anti engagement ring or self love ring

What is the self love ring?

The self love is a relatively new concept that has been trending increasingly recently because of its adaption by numerous celebrities. It takes a step back from the classic links between love and relationships with others and symbolizes focus with oneself. Self love rings are meant for people on the road to independence and are trying to strengthen their self love.

Most people who choose to wear a self love ring often prefer to steer clear from relationships for a while. They believe that independence comes first, and for any relationship they may have in the future, it is essential to develop a strong bond with themselves.

People often forget their importance, and this ring is a reminder that self love is more important than any other kind. After all, no matter what happens in life, you always have yourself while others come and go.

On which finger should I wear my self love ring?

A self love ring is commonly worn on the pinky finger of either hand. This was initiated to symbolize a pinky promise about loving yourself to the fullest. However, there is no limitation, and you can always wear it on whatever finger of any hand that you like. The concept is meant to be a promise to love yourself and serve as a constant reminder. So, no matter what finger you wear it on, you just need to remember that.

There is absolutely no limit on where you can wear this ring for occasions. Whether it is a casual occasion, a formal one, or anything at all, you can wear your self love ring there. In fact, it is recommended to always have it on, so always pick one that will look good everywhere. It can be small and dainty or even a statement piece, whatever you love most!

happy times with anti engagement ring

Why is self love ring also called the anti engagement ring?

Anti engagement rings, or self love rings, got their name in a way to turn away from the concept of how relationships are only meant to be developed with other people.

To celebrate yourself and forget the things associated with engagements, this is also known as the anti engagement ring. This is meant to empower people and help them realize that they don’t need to be engaged to wear a pretty ring and do not need it to make their life complete.

It turns against the norms around engagement rings, and the nature of engagements in general and considers the concept of self love so much more important.

This is not to be taken negatively. People who wear anti engagement rings don’t think getting engaged is a bad thing, and most people are still open to finding love. The purpose is simply to step away from the feelings that make one think they need to get engaged. This allows them to take the time to discover themselves and learn to love everything about themselves.

Types of self love rings

Although you can always slip on any ring and call it your self love ring, some varieties are more popular than others. Here are some options that you can try out if you consider getting a self love ring of your own.

Which metals for your self love ring

The first thing you need to pick out is the ring’s metal. Here are some popular ones that are readily available:


This is the most expensive than the rest but is no less than beautiful. Its finish is quite similar to silver’s, but it lasts much longer and retains its shine for ages. It is also used often in engagement rings. No matter what kind of metal you prefer at what price, your self love ring is bound to look phenomenal.

Rose gold

Rose gold is probably the most popular option. This is because it is pretty feminine, and the first self love ring has also used this metal. It is perfect if you are the kind of person who finds regular gold too yellow and doesn’t like silver jewelry. It looks phenomenal on all hands, so it will look stunning on you if you order it online.


Gold is one of the most popular metals for rings in general. So, you can use this pretty yellow metal for your self love ring. Pair it with a cute stone, and it will be easy to wear with every outfit in your closet.


Some people pick out silver either because they like how the metal looks on their fingers or want their rings to resemble engagement rings to feel the true purpose of anti engagement rings. Silver rings look good on most skin tones, but it mostly depends on your skin’s undertones. However, there are no restrictions. If you like the way it looks, buy it!

Which gemstones or diamonds to have on your self love ring?

After you have picked out the metal, the gem comes next. There are so many gems that occur naturally and are made in the lab. This means that you have a wide variety of options to choose from. Here are some common options when it comes to self love rings.

diamonds for your ring


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, aren’t they? If you love a diamond, get one placed onto your self love ring. After all, it is a matter of what you love and prefer, isn’t it? You can pick out any diamond of your choice of any clarity, color, cut, and carat.

example of a sapphire


Since the first-ever self love ring was made with white sapphire, this option remains popular today. White sapphires were made in a lab, but naturally occurring white sapphires are a relatively cheaper option than diamonds. So, if you love the clean look that a diamond brings, you have options. You can also go for the natural royal blue sapphires that they usually have.

ruby special self love ring


These bright red stones are very popular, and many women consider these their favorite. These can be pretty expensive, so it would be more economical if you get ones made in a lab. However, if you can afford a ruby, get it! After all, you only get a self love ring once.

different types of birthstones


Birthstones have a deep sentimental meaning for many people. This is why they often get birthstones placed into their self love ring. If you like the way, your birthstone looks, especially if it makes you feel good, you should get it on your ring. It will look and feel fabulous.

emerald lose gemstones for your self love ring


The deep yet bright green always looks phenomenal in the sunlight. These are mostly picked if your self love ring will be a statement piece. However, you can always get yourself a smaller stone and have the perfect dainty ring with an emerald gemstone to further compliment it.

How many gems?

Next, you’ll have to decide the number of gems you plan on placing on the ring. Most people go for just one, but you can always pick multiple. These can be a cluster of smaller ones shaped into some design or a few bigger ones to make the perfect statement piece.

The size

Figure out if you would like something soft and dainty, something big, or perhaps one in between. Most self love rings are made to be delicate with thin bands and one gem, but you can alter this to your liking. This is also where you figure out which finger you would like to wear it on. The best part is that you know it fits since you are getting it for yourself, and you won’t have to look to get it resized.

Why you need a self love ring?

Are you confused as to whether you should get yourself a self love ring or not? Here are some reasons as to why they are a great purchase:

You are worth the investment

It’s alright if you need to spend a little more on better quality. You are worth spending on. If the purpose is to help you love yourself, the quality is added. It will make you feel good about yourself, knowing that you are worth spending on.

It will help you make a statement

When you meet someone new, the first thing you often do is shake their hand. This is your chance to make a statement with your ring. You can even use it as a way to start up a conversation. If you like this, pick a self love ring with detailed or unusual designs or stones. This will cause several questions to spring up.

You can finally learn to love yourself

Many people crave the feeling of self love but cannot find it due to their strong dependency on other people. If this sounds like you, then a self love ring can definitely help. The whole purpose is the idea of self acceptance and love, and if that is what you aim to achieve, something as small as a ring can make a huge difference.

Diamonds don’t only have to be for engagements

Some people have correlated diamonds with engagement or wedding rings. This is far from the truth. Diamonds are classy and beautiful rocks that anyone can wear, even single. Who wouldn’t want a stone that you can wear with literally any outfit? These are a popular option for self love rings because your relationship with yourself will always be more important.

Push away the pressures of marriage

Although the need for marriage isn’t as high as it once was, when you begin turning 25, you start hearing older people pressurize you to get married. This could make one feel highly uncomfortable. However, your self love ring will be there to help combat these feelings. When you hear these comments about marriage, simply take a look at your ring, and you’ll be reminded of how independence and learning to appreciate yourself come first. Their antiquated thinking won’t bring you down.

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