Mary Frances Gerety scribbled in 1948, “A Diamond is Forever” and this is a saying that’s never been truer than in this era of undying romance. A diamond solitaire ring always makes for a timeless classic wedding gift. Due to its overwhelming popularity, a white diamond ring is the jewelry of choice for newlyweds. However, if you don’t want to follow the crowd and instead yearn to stand out then you should opt for a salt and pepper diamond engagement ring. With the help of our seasoned jewelry artisans, we have created a compelling guide that will help you in making an informed decision when it comes to buying a salt and pepper diamond ring.

guide to salt and pepper diamond engagement rings

Contemplating Owning a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Out to buy the next big thing in the world of jewelry? With your big day fast approaching and an endless array of options, it’s always impossible to find the perfect diamond ring. But beauty isn’t always about perfection, a commonality, even a white diamond comes with small imperfections. Being beautiful at times is about being unique therefore you should consider purchasing a salt and pepper diamond solitaire ring.

A salt and pepper diamond-studded ring gives off a unique appeal that’s very different from a white diamond ring.

Follow this compelling guide fashioned in the shadows of our seasoned jewelry artisans that will help you in knowing all there is to know about a salt and pepper diamond.

What is a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

In definition, a salt and pepper diamond is a colorless diamond that contains black and white inclusions. These inclusions in turn create a salt and pepper visual. Salt and pepper diamonds are still diamonds, which means that they are still incredibly rare and valuable. The difference is that a salt and pepper diamond comes with a bigger splash of character when compared to the highly sought after white diamond. This distinctive character in salt and pepper diamond makes for an engagement ring that’s unique but not too experimental.

Salt and Pepper Diamonds are Eco-Friendly

Are you an environmentalist at heart? Great news, salt and pepper diamonds are eco-friendly. Their mining process is less likely to take a toll on the environment when compared to regular diamonds. These diamonds are both safe and green!

A significant amount of soil and rock is excavated by a miner to find a diamond deposit. The resources are then sent to an off-site ore processing facility where rough diamonds are extracted. A fun fact – A few hundred tons of soil is excavated to produce just a single carat of a gem-quality rough diamond. Though, one has to always consider the richness of the ore to determine in what manner the soil and rock are extracted.

Why Choose a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

If salt and pepper diamonds are merely diamonds with inclusions, why should we buy them? Is evading them all together, a better choice? The simple answer is NO, as previously mentioned beauty doesn’t always lie in perfection.

When all is said and done, at the end of the wedding day when you hold up your salt and pepper engagement ring, you’ll notice that it gives off an attractive appeal much different from a white diamond. This less than expected engagement ring has made a salt and pepper diamond, an overnight sensation!

If you still aren’t convinced, here are some more reasons to purchase a salt and pepper diamond ring:


While colored stones are more expensive than their colorless counterparts, however, this isn’t true in the case of salt and pepper diamonds. These stones are much more budget-friendly as they aren’t ‘perfect’ stones further solidifying the case of obtaining one to make your wedding day unforgettable!


A well-documented film like ‘Blood Diamond,’ correctly portraying the diamond industry for its connections to conflict, immoral practices, and mammoth impact on the environment. For a handful of gem-quality diamonds, tons of earth must be mined, however, salt and pepper stones are much more readily available. Although they still have an impact on the earth (all mining does), salt and pepper diamonds are more sustainable than other types of diamonds. Considering the rise of global warming, if this isn’t a big plus for the environmentalist in you to own a salt and pepper diamond ring then we don’t know what would be!


Antique and contemporary, salt and pepper diamonds suit a wide array of ring styles. Easily adaptable to suit simple or intricate styles while looking perfect in countryside rough ring designs as well as in high-end, sophisticated settings. This versatility makes these an endearing choice for every fashionista!

Unusually Gorgeous

Salt and pepper diamonds are gorgeous due to their speckled appearance making them both unique and alluring. Each stone has a unique character and style as no two diamonds are exactly alike. This makes salt and pepper diamonds a flawless choice for an engagement ring.

Still, Should I Choose a Salt and Pepper Diamond?

Salt and pepper diamond rings aren’t for everyone. However, if you are after a stone for your engagement ring that makes a style statement, then your best bet would be a salt and pepper diamond ring!

Buy one if you:

  • want a ring that’s unique.
  • want heaps of designing options.
  • stand out with your choices.
  • are indifferent to other’s opinions.
  • don’t want to follow the crowd.
  • think imperfection is both impeccable and beautiful.
  • are an environmentalist at heart.
  • want a ring that’s durable.

Don’t buy if:

  • you’re into sparkle.
  • you’ve always wanted a colorless diamond.
  • you want to follow tradition.
  • want to have more diamonds to choose from.

4C’s of Salt and Pepper Diamonds

differences between colorless diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds

Colorless diamonds and salt pepper diamonds differ in several ways that matter. While they’re both formed in precisely the same manner and out of the same material, they’re both different when it comes to quality rating factors.

While gauging the quality of a diamond, we consider the 4Cs (cut, color, clarity, and carat). The higher the grade, the more expensive the diamond. For salt and pepper diamonds, however, the 4Cs don’t apply. These diamonds aren’t evaluated in the same manner as a traditional diamond and no grading reports are devised accordingly.

Nonetheless, to cover all corners of the dialogue, let’s look at the 4Cs of the salt and pepper diamonds.

1. Clarity

All diamonds are imperfect in one manner or another. Even perfect clarity diamonds have minute inclusions (the only distinguishing factor between a natural and synthetic diamond). In salt and pepper diamonds, the inclusions are a feature of choice. These speckled inclusions of black and white make every stone uniquely appealing.

2. Color

A dark appearing stone consists of a large number of black inclusions in the diamond in turn coloring it gray. However, the appearance can vary depending upon the number and type of inclusions. The bodycolor of the salt and pepper diamonds also influences its overall look. The body color ranges from colorless to milky and gray. This exclusivity gives you more of a reason to buy a salt and pepper diamond-studded ring.

3. Cut

While white diamonds are traditionally cut to enhance their sparkle, salt and pepper diamonds are cut to bring out their unique inclusions and patterns. The high number of inclusions in a salt and pepper diamond means that the brilliance of the stone is heavily reduced which is why jewelers often choose fancy cuts for this stone. These cuts include coffin (shield), hexagon, kite, and pear. And it is this versatility that has made salt and pepper diamonds, the stone of choice when it comes to picking out a picture-perfect engagement ring.

4. Carats

As these stones are more affordable and readily available, they’re easier to find in bigger sizes. Unlike traditional diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds don’t increase in price steeply with the increase in carat weight. One can easily find an 8-carat salt and pepper diamond for around $20,000, which might sound expensive but compare it to an 8-carat colorless diamond that costs around $80,000, and suddenly it doesn’t seem so bad, Eh? In other words, salt and pepper diamonds provide more bang for your buck!

Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds Durable?

Like regular diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds also rank 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, making them the hardest gemstone on the jewelry planet! However, due to numerous inclusions in the stone, salt and pepper diamonds are more fragile and susceptible to fracture than traditional diamonds. Having said that, if a salt and pepper diamond is mounted carefully and treated with reasonable care by a seasoned jewelry artisan, it can last for generations!

Taking Care of Your Salt and Pepper Diamond

You should strictly avoid using ultrasonic cleaners as this causes fractures in this already brittle stone. Instead of using harsh chemicals and coarse materials, one should always use a mild soap along with a soft brush to restore the brightness and sparkle of the stone. As they say, a stone is only as good as its shine!

white diamonds and salt and pepper diamonds in combination

Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Having established the fact that salt and pepper diamonds are versatile in turn suitable for a wide array of ring settings and styles. With a myriad of shapes and combinations, there’s a ring that’s fit for every fashionista!

  • They combine well with yellow and rose gold settings. The reason being these metals bring out the colors and patterns of the stone perfectly, giving the ring a sophisticated and vintage touch. White gold settings with these have a cooler look. These settings are gorgeous for a contemporary look.
  • Pairing with small white diamonds add brilliance and contrast to the ring.
  • Paring with orange-gold brings out the vibrancy of this stone.
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