When one thinks about an engagement ring or a high-quality ring, diamond is the first mineral that comes to mind. However, while diamonds are pretty attractive to the eye and for sure look appealing, the price can surpass your budget. However, while diamond is undoubtedly appealing, they aren’t the only options for rings. Several other stones are just as appealing (even more) and become immediately attractive when placed on a ring.

gold engagement ring with alexandrite stone and diamonds

Among this, one such stone happens to be alexandrite, whose rings are not only gorgeous but pretty sturdy too. So if you are someone planning on proposing to your significant other or someone who is planning to invest in a good quality ring, you should check this particular stone.

In this article, we have gathered every detail you need to know about Alexandrite rings, so keep reading below.

What are Alexandrite Rings?

If you have been searching the web for Alexandrite rings, then one reason that can be possible is that use you want to know about it. When you first heard or read about such rings, you must have thought about what alexandrite is or what are Alexandrite rings?

If you remain unanswered still, you have come to the right place.
Alexandrite gemstone was first found in Russia and since then has been an integral stone when it comes to jewelry, especially rings. The stone is termed to be a part of the chrysoberyl family. The stone is famous not only for its beautiful outlook but for its pleochroic nature. This means that the stone tends to change its color according to its environment.

Its pleochroic nature gives it the title “emerald by day, ruby at night.” This is because it has a green to greenish-blue color in the daylight while showcasing the hues of purple and red at night.

This makes the stone unique and the ring associated with it extremely breathtaking. Hence, the Alexandrite engagement rings can be an ideal choice to hold when bending down on one knee.

History of Alexandrite Gemstones

Like every stone, alexandrite also has a rich and unique history associated with it. These stones were first found in 1834 in the emerald mines of Russia, near the Tokovaya Rivers, Urals. It is believed that this particular stone was named “Alexandrite” because it was discovered on the day the Russian tsar Alexander II came of age.

Moreover, its hue of green and red resonates with the flag of Old Imperial Russia, and hence it got opted as the national stone of Tsarist Russia. The rich history is filled with elegance and passion and is perfect to be used as an alexandrite wedding ring or alexandrite engagement ring.

Types of Alexandrite Rings

Alexandrite stone rings are of two different types. From naturally found to lab-grown alexandrite. If you plan to invest in one, you definitely should be aware of the differences each type holds. Once satisfied with which one fulfills your requirement, you can easily choose one of your choices.

Natural Alexandrite Rings

Natural Alexandrite rings are very rare but extremely beautiful. The natural alexandrite tends to change colors immediately on the change of light and environment. When it appears green, you won’t see a hint of red. When red, you won’t be able to see the hues of green. Its ability to change colors accurately and immediately makes the stone incredibly magical.

rose gold alexandrite ringWhile beautiful, the downside is that the natural stones are extremely rare, and only a few perfect stones would pull off this magical contrast and change of colors. This downside makes the natural alexandrite stone extremely expensive, so you better watch your budget.

Lab-Created Alexandrite

Science has come very far, and now there are only a few stones that can’t be replicated. However, alexandrite doesn’t fall in this category. This stone was successfully created inside the lab with accurate precisions and is like its original mined form.

The lab-created alexandrite is similar to its original counterparts in hardness, composition, and looks. However, there is a very slight color variation. The lab-created alexandrite tends to be more towards the bluish side in its green appearance, while the ruby red has a hint of purple. The color contrast and change are even prettier than the natural ones, and they are a handful of dollars cheaper. In the picture above you can see a great example of a lab-grown alexandrite ring that is in a hexagon setting with 18k rose gold.

How to Choose the Right Alexandrite Ring?

While a natural alexandrite engagement ring is great, the lab-created ones are always the better and preferred. However, whether these two options sit well with you, you should be careful of one thing. It is whether or not you are choosing the right alexandrite ring.

When spending a handful of your hard-earned dollars to ask the love of your life to marry you, the ring must be as beautiful as the moment of the proposal is going to be. Here are some points on how you can choose the right alexandrite ring for your significant other or yourself.


alexandrite engagement ring with wedding open bandAlexandrite rings have varied prices, and you can always find the one within your budget. While natural alexandrite stones in rings are rare, they are less preferred, and the lab-created are more commonly used.

This is great because the lab-created ones are far lesser in cost, and you can always find a good quality stone at your required price. However, even when buying lab-created alexandrite stones, it is vital to ask for a certificate of authenticity from the jeweler.

Metal and Color

When buying an alexandrite stone ring, it is important to decide the colors and metals associated with it. Alexandrite rings come in many metal types, from white gold alexandrite rings (seen in the picture here) to rose gold alexandrite rings. Go through all your options and choose whichever contrast suits well with the center stone for you. Some may prefer warmer tones, while others may prefer cooler tones. It’s all about your preference. It is important to make sure that you choose the right colors and keep your and your significant other’s choice in mind. Engagement rings are a one-time thing, so make sure it is unique and perfect.


Alexandrite is softer than diamonds, and considering they are usually lab-created, you must choose the right metal to hold it. Whether you are buying an Alexandrite ring for your lady or an alexandrite men’s ring, both can be disrupted. Hence, you must choose a suitable metal for your alexandrite to ensure it lasts a long time and doesn’t wear off.

Pros and Cons

The pleochroic nature of Alexandrite rings makes the ring extraordinarily unique and beautiful. Hence, it is excellent wear to opt for and will look eye-catching on your finger. If you are looking for a unique ring, this is your best bet.

Moreover, alexandrite stackable rings have excellent durability considering they are rated an 8.5 on the Mohs. Scale. This scale checks the hardness of the ring. So, if you are afraid that you can damage rings, then the Alexandrite rings are a great option to wear.

Alexandrite stone is also considered a birthstone for June. It is believed to bring some mystical benefits and properties. If your mom or grandma has a vintage alexandrite engagement ring in their belonging, how about getting that one for yourself if you are cancer.

How to Clean Your Alexandrite Ring?

While Alexandrite rings are durable and will last you a long time, it doesn’t mean you can use them as carelessly as you want to. Everything requires to care if you want it to last long, and alexandrite asks for the same.

If you have an Alexandrite ring that you believe has gotten dirty or you tend to lose rings or misplace them easily, here are some tips on how to take care of it.

Water and Brush

Cleaning an Alexandrite ring is relatively easy. All you need is soap and water at room temperature and a toothbrush. Make sure you brush the stone delicately and slowly. Though it is a hard stone, aggressive rubbing can cause scratches or blemishes to occur, which will reduce the beauty of the stone. Hence, slow and steady will do the job perfectly.

Rinse and Dry

You can also clean the ring by putting it in a bowl of water and adding a few drops of dishwashing detergent to it. Once you feel like the ring is clean, remove and rinse. Pat with a dry cloth and you will have a ring good as new.

Take it to the jeweler

While these are some home remedies to clean your ring, sometimes the ring may need a more in-depth clean. If you believe your ring needs polish or is dirty to the extent that it won’t be cleaned by these home remedies, then taking them to the jeweler is always a great option. They have cleaners and non-reactive chemicals which will work best to clean the ring without damaging the stone.

How to Take Care of Your Alexandrite Ring?

While cleaning the ring is one task, not misplacing and taking care of it to remain free of any damage is another. If you tend to lose rings a lot, here are some basic points on taking care of your ring.

Don’t touch the stone

We know most women have a habit of rubbing the center stone of their rings when they feel anxious. However, do you know that this isn’t a good option if you want to keep your ring free from any blemishes? Moreover, always remove your ring by holding the side metal and not the center stone; it can damage the stone and attract dust and body oil. This will make the stone lose its charm.

Don’t Remove the Ring in Public

Women tend to remove their rings in public, either when they want to wash their hands or feel uncomfortable on the finger. However, what may seem like a mere moment of removing the ring can lead to your ring getting lost.
Sometimes you can forget that you took off the ring and not remember to wear it again. Hence, it is always advised not to remove the ring. Make sure you cover it and place it somewhere safe if you do so.

Prevent Excessive Wear and Tear

While most Alexandrite forms are in a lab, and their sturdiness is spot on, this doesn’t mean you can have them go through everything. Though the hardness is excellent, intense wear and tear can damage even the best of goods. Hence, if you have heavy hand activity at work, make sure to take your ring off first.


Alexandrite rings are gorgeous and look breathtaking when worn. If you plan to buy one of these gorgeous rings, we hope we have helped you know all about it.
Make sure that you remember all the essential details about Alexandrite rings and buy the best one for yourself or your significant other.

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