Stone studded jewelry has been a chic accessory that’s always in fashion! The reason being; it highlights one’s personality, prestige, and power. One such stone that empowers its wearer is Moss Agate. Jewelry embossed with Moss Agate is capable of removing all the negative forces that surround us. It does not matter, what are you shopping for, Moss Agate jewelry collections will always offer you value for money. When paired with other stones like Diamonds, Moss Agate rings make for an exceptional gift. Here’s a guide created by our seasoned jewelry artisans that will help you learn all there is to know about Moss Agate jewelry.

moss agate stone used on a ring

What actually are Moss Agate stones?

Primarily, Moss Agate is a part of the Agate family, but it isn’t always the case as Moss Agate is made up of silicon dioxide. It is a semi-precious stone that comes under a variety of chalcedony, which is an ore of the Quartz family. Moss agate is not a pure agate, but it shows some chemical compositions and fascinating agate patterns. It belongs to the quartz family, made of fragments of weathered volcanic rocks. It includes the layering of fissures or pebbles rather than traditional agate covering.

Moss Agates are widely used in making moss agate engagement rings. It dissolves readily in milky white solutions, displaying a blooming effect of manganese or iron that has grown into patterns like moss or lichen. The minerals that include in the process are oxides of manganese or iron.

The other names given to them are “Mocha stone” or “Mocca Stone.” These names are derived from Mocha’s Arabian city in Yemen, an ancient gemstone source.

Moss Agate is a form of chalcedony, including green color minerals embedded in it. This gives rise to filaments and other suggestive patterns of moss. These beautiful geometrical patterns are then converted to kite and hexagon moss agate rings.

Moss Agate does not have any organic compounds in it and is generally formed from weathered volcanic rocks. The colors present in it are the result of traces of impurities like chrome or iron. The metals can transform into different colors depending on their valence (or oxidation state).

The dendritic inclusions that are seen in moss agate are the result of oxides of manganese or iron. The countries rich in Moss Agates are India, Brazil, Uruguay, and the United States.

What do People like About Moss Agates?

People relate the Moss Agate to prosperity. It has tremendous benefits in the agricultural sector and has successfully helped in promoting the growth of new crops. If we plant it in a pot of flowers, it can increase the plant’s overall health.

Moss Agate is also a stone of wealth. It can increase the prosperity and expand the business over time, in all the workplaces. It is incredibly beneficial for small enterprises or self-employed people. For financial enterprises, it has proved to be the secured crystal. Place the stone beside you while working on tax returns or figures that will not add up and see the results for yourself. You can also try this to encourage savings.

Designers and jewelers like to use the Moss Agates for engagement rings. When used as a birthing crystal, Moss agate can reduce the pain and assist in the delivery. These stones represent new beginnings.

closeup of moss agate gemstoneDuring stress, moss agates act as a body shield. Its stable energies and powers can help those who feel unstable or ungrounded. The stone can help in recovering fast from illness or any kind of addiction. Most of the time, it proves to be beneficial for mental concentration. It increases the persistence and endurance power of the body and sometimes helps in exercise programs, therapies, or bodybuilding.

Moss Agate is also used as a cleansing crystal, clearing the personal energy and environments. It reduces the sensitivity of the weather. When worn in a piece of jewelry like a moss agate ring, it creates new friendships and can attract someone you love.

A professional support stone-like Moss Agate can detoxify the bad energies present inside veterinarians. It also helps in preventing sensitivity to food products for chefs and bakers.

How are they Mined and Made?

Mostly Agates form in volcanic areas. The waters present in those areas are rich in silica, and it flows in between the fractures of igneous rocks. A kind of silica gel gets formed on the cavities wall due to the high level of dissolved silica. The gel then slowly cools and crystalize forming microcrystalline quartz.

As time passes, the new gel layers get deposited on the outer walls, resulting in younger bands of microcrystalline quartz. However, if the water composition containing silica changes over time, there are chances that the gel can absorb the impurities. It can result in a difference in the structure of microcrystalline quartz.

If the content of impurities is high, it can change the color of the quartz formed. It results in color banding. Crystallization of foreign materials, fumes, dendritic, or mossy structures result in strings that we often see in translucent agate.

examples of moss agates in different shapes

Most of the time, agates are generally formed in igneous rocks like basalt, rhyolite, and andesite. However, sometimes it can also develop in sedimentary rocks like limestone. All these types of rocks erode easier than agate. When rocks break due to weathering, the agates get left behind and this is why we find them in stream valleys under fine-grained igneous rocks or limestone.

Although, some places produce splendid specimens of Moss Agate stones, for example, Australia, Russia, India, and the USA.

Moss Agate Uses and Purposes

Stones that have stripy patterns we call “agate”. Experts in energy say that moss agate improves the perception of sense and neural activity of the body. It also helps in removing depression present in the brain.

Emotional Healing

When worn as a Moss Agate ring, it can improve the mental function of a person. It can enhance their level of concentration, awareness, and diagnostic abilities and also assists in aiding healing infections, swelling, flu, or colds. It also acts as a cure for long-term sickness and helps in recovery.

Moss agate rings also helps in improving the immune system of a person. Moreover, it helps in the healing of skin from various functional diseases and irritations. It refines the sharpness of the body senses and upgrades the neuronal activity of the whole-body system.

Wearing a hexagon moss agate ring can also avoid causing depression caused by left tight brain disparity as It enhances the awareness and systematic capabilities of the person. Some consider these green stones as an anti-inflammatory stone that helps treat such diseases.

Physical Healing

beautiful example of moss agate engagement ring with green powerIf you wear moss agate rings, there are chances of improving your body’s circulatory system, including heartbeat and other abnormalities. It creates a buzzing effect in the ears. If you wear an agate on your chest’s core, it can protect your heart’s cardiac muscles. It also helps in treating emotional discords. Moreover, it improves the digestive system by healing gastritis.

It removes all the toxic elements from the body. Moss agates can also reduce the signs of epilepsy and protects the people who have the habit of sleepwalking. Apart from these, wearing the rings provides inner peace and strength to the core of the body and mind.

This stone is trustworthy and fruitful to those people who face several mood swings and feel some emotional dramas in their lives. It helps in controlling the temper of the mind and promotes tolerance. It provides inner peace to the mind.

Moss Agate provides satisfaction to the mind by controlling agitation, depression by maintaining the right self-image and boost positive character traits. Doing it by assisting in gaining confidence so that one can easily mix with different people.

The Heart Chakra

This buoyant stone acts as a helping hand to those who are facing several challenges in their lives. It aids in improving the brain imbalances to gain trust and expectations. The stone relates to the heart chakra, right at the center of the breastbone. It manages our inner soul and helps us to decide what is right or against us.

It gives us the balancing power to organize ourselves in the environment. After balancing your heart chakra, you will feel controlled in your life decisions and relationships. You can easily make critical decisions. You may start feeling the differences in your life and gaining strong emotional reactions.

Green Crystal Power

People call the Moss Agates “The Green Crystal of Power” which is a special type of stone used to open several blockages of your life and balance the heart chakra. It also eases our efforts to decide the emotions. This stone directly offers its power to deal comfortably with all the challenges of our life. We can smoothly go through to the depth of our relationship, understand its nature, and make necessary changes.

It helps to improve the belief in spirituality in one’s individual life. It assists people to overcome unenthusiastic behaviors, depending on their past experiences. By doing this, they can discover some new patterns of their life which resemble them.

Growth mineral

The persistent power of the stone surrounds these hopes until your manifestations can take such a place. It also increases the mind’s consciousness level and helps in the collective realization of one’s is life force and moss represents that It can also inspire the reflection of your life experiences and help develop your spirituality as a personality development trait.

Wearing Moss Agate rings can connect your mind with nature and spirits. It keeps reminding us that the world is a living creature, both physically and morally. Geologists refer to Moss Agate as a “growth mineral” as it contains powerful means from the Earth’s life forces.

It helps in nurturing the struggling family relationships or business-related schemes. The green crystal is also beneficial for trying a new course or plan. Light green Moss Agate stones promote spiritual development and provide a high level of commitment to our works.

The stones of dark tones are a resemblance of physical development and power and provide security during travel. These agates offer a wide range of crystal composition options, which are suitable for the thoughtful process of the mind. Some elaborated movements in the crystal help to attain persuade peace and relaxing conditions that are suitable for our body.

Moss Agate Engagement Rings

For jewelry artisans, these stones are one of the favorites stones to fit in the fine jewelry that they make.

Chalcedony Properties

Durability = Very Good
Hardness = 7.0
Refractive Index = 1.544 – 1.533
Specific Gravity = 2.651

Almost all types of chalcedony gemstones are durable. Due to its durability and versatility. Moss Agate engagement rings are always in high demand.

Creating a unique combination of stones can make the jewelry look even more exclusive. For instance, pairing Diamond with Moss Agate creates a timeless masterpiece of jewelry.

Proper Care of Moss Agate Rings

To avoid it from breaking or damaging, do not use cleansing treatments like ultrasonic cleansers to clear Moss Agate stones or rings. The best-preferred method to do is using warm soapy water with a soft brush. Ensure that the stone or jewelry is completely dry before wearing it.

Moss Agate stones are well-known crystals that provide countless benefits. Jewelry studded with Moss Agate offers exceptional options for balancing the emotional, physical, and intellectual energy. It also helps in coordinating Yin and Yang (positive and negative forces of the universe). So, when you are out and about to purchase an exclusive piece of Moss Agate jewelry, use this comprehensive guide compiled by our seasoned jewelry artisans to ensure that you make an informed decision!

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