Lapis Lazuli Engagement Rings

  • Kite Lapis Lazuli and Diamond Engagement Ring

    From $890.00

    Lapis lazuli rings have been sought after to adorn the fingers of royalty for thousands of years. This deep blue vibrant gem can be easily and perfectly cut into different shapes. It will remind you of a night sky full of stars with its shimmery flecks. Lapis lazuli ring is a commonly accepted anniversary gift to celebrate the seventh and ninth wedding anniversary, but it can also be used as a December birthstone or engagement ring.

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  • Solid Gold Shield Cut Lapis Lazuli Ring

    From $690.00

    This stone’s name comes from two different cultures. Lapis is a Latin word meaning “stone,” while lazuli comes from the Persian word lazhuward, meaning “blue.” Make a statement with this geometric gemstone that will remind you of a night sky full of stars. A lapis lazuli ring is a great addition to birthstone jewelry collection for anybody celebrating in December. Lapis is a commonly accepted gem for celebrating the seventh and ninth wedding anniversary. So, if you are in a search for a unique anniversary gift, look no further!

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  • Hexagon Lapis Lazuli and Marquise Diamond Ring

    From $1,190.00

    A deep blue lapis lazuli ring with gold flecks in a bohemian-style floral setting with marquise diamonds. The healing properties of lapis lazuli are believed to boost the immune system and have a calming effect on the person wearing it. Beloved by the Egyptian kings and queens, lapis lazuli is a symbol of wisdom, truth, and self-expressions. When paired with diamonds, lapis jewelry looks sophisticated and elegant.

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