You want a perfect wedding day; every flower needs to be in the right place, every tabletop should be the right color, the catering should be in order. You also want to make sure the man you love and are about to spend the rest of your life with feels loved on this special day for the both of you. The vows you say that day will make a difference, and the same goes for the wedding band you put on his finger. Therefore, we have compiled a guide on mens wedding bands for you to make a perfect choice.

often called mens wedding bands

Before making the final decision for your choice of unique mens wedding bands, you must consider a few aspects to make the right choice. Buying the perfect wedding ring is not as simple as going into the shop and walking out with one. You have to surf your options and have the proper knowledge of the factors that determine which of the mens wedding bands you buy.

What width should mens wedding bands be?

The width of mens wedding bands is a hugely important factor to consider before selecting the actual ring. The width can differ from being small or medium to large. The small-width rings have a width of 1.5-3mm, medium ones are 4-6mm wide, and the larger ones can go from 8-12mm in width size. Men with large hands and long fingers should opt for a larger-width ring.

Further, the height and weight can also determine his ring size, so you should prefer a larger ring size if the height and weight are more. Some other determining factors for the width of your chosen mens wedding bands are your liking and budget as well. Usually, larger width rings cost more than smaller width rings. Therefore, you should probably steer clear of higher-width choices in the unique mens wedding bands category if you are on a budget.

In addition, if you want the ring to be more visible to everyone and make a statement, the larger width should be your obvious choice. Moreover, if a man is not familiar with wearing rings, a larger width would be uncomfortable for him, and in such a case, your choice should be a middle-sized or smaller width ring.

Style and Finish

Talking about the width made you decide the size of the ring you need to get. When we talk about the look of any of the mens wedding bands, we consider the style and finish of the ring. These two features will determine whether your ring is attractive or just a pass. Let’s take a look at each one in turns.


The overall shape of mens wedding bands and wedding bands, in general, is always circular. However, the structure and style can differ and be the deciding factor of a ring’s beauty.

Dome: This style is considered to be one of the most comfortable ones in men’s rings. It consists of a round exterior with round edges and a flat interior, making it easy to fit on different hands.

Flat: This band is flat inside and outside, meaning it has straight edges and no rounded exteriors.

Classic court: The classic court shape is the most popular choice for many because of its straightforward design. It is round inside and outside with round edges.

Flat court: A combination of the flat and court shapes, this style consists of a round interior and is flat from the outside.

These are the four famous styles you can find in mens wedding bands. Now let’s take a look at the finishing available in the rings.


Before selecting the type of ring you want from all the choices available in unique mens wedding bands, you should be aware of the finishing types you can get in the metal type you will choose later on.

polished simple man wedding rings

High polish

This type of finishing is the most in-demand and gives a ring a shiny appearance. The ring becomes reflective and attractive with a touch of shine in it. However, beware, as this finish can make your ring prone to be damaged by minor scratches.

matte gold rings


Nowadays, the matte finish is trending as many men don’t prefer wearing rings that glitter. Therefore, the matte offers the perfect solution by being as not shiny as possible.

brushed finish rings


The brushed finish gives a subtle sheen and a contemporary feel to the wedding ring. This is especially true when the brushed texture is combined with mirror-polished edges.

white gold rings with satin finish


This finish is similar somewhat to the high polish finish. It gives a ring a shiny appearance, but the shine is not too much. Also, the ring is not reflective and so will not glimmer in lights or under the sun. This type of finish is the perfect choice for men who want a statement ring but don’t want it to be too out there.

hammered rings


The hammered finish gives a ring a texture making it more casual and funkier, which is the choice of many men.

Now that you are well aware of the finishes you can find in mens wedding bands, let us explore the metal types you can opt for before finalizing your finishing choice.

Which precious metal should mens wedding bands be?

The metal you choose from the options you have available in mens wedding bands will determine your ring’s final look, strength, durability, and color. It is imperative to go through all the metals, read how they differ, and then make the final choice. As the ring on the man’s hand is not something that he will take off in a day, it will be there for long periods, and therefore, you need to consider a few pointers after reading down below.

Platinum wedding bands for men

The platinum rings are popular on the market because of their beautiful, soft white color that is achieved without rhodium plating. In addition, it is highly durable, meaning you can, without worry, wear it all the time. It is hypoallergenic as well, and hence, a popular choice. Further, it is resistive to corrosion and tends not to show scratches. However, due to its excellent features, it is also expensive compared to all of the mens wedding bands.

platinum rings

White gold mens wedding bands

Men’s white gold wedding bands are another common choice when it comes to selecting wedding bands. White gold is a yellow gold alloy mixed with palladium, nickel, zinc, silver, and copper. Usually, the band is coated with rhodium plating to give it its shine; however, it is also available without the coating. Men’s white gold wedding bands without rhodium plating have a golden hue with shades of white in them. Overall, the white color of the band makes the white gold band one of the unique mens wedding bands.

white gold ring for men

Yellow gold

Yellow gold is, once again, a popular choice in men’s gold wedding bands. Where white gold is a newer found and style, yellow gold has been around for a long while and can be dated back to historical times. In this metal, you have the choice of choosing between 9-carat and 18-carat. The 9-carat men’s gold wedding bands are more vital because of the mixture of silver and copper. Therefore, if you are looking for strength and durability, you should go for the 9-carat option.

modern ring for man in yellow gold

Rose gold

The rose gold metal is a mixture of gold and copper, and therefore, gets a pinkish tint. It is a popular choice amongst users because the reddish color makes it one of the unique mens wedding bands and is considered romantic. The addition of copper gives the band more strength as well. The 18-carat choice is less in weight and not as pink as the 9-carat choice as the latter contains more copper.

ring out of 18k rose gold for men


The palladium metal and consequently its bands are similar to platinum as palladium belongs to the platinum family. The color of this metal is what makes palladium mens wedding bands a recently popular choice. The metal shines and has a dark grey color which gives it its sophisticated look. Similar to platinum, it is resistive to corrosion and is hypoallergenic. It is also cheaper than platinum.

man wedding band with palladium coat

Stainless steel

Even though stainless steel is a cheaper choice and fits nicely as a wedding band for anyone on a budget, it has a few drawbacks. The stainless steel mens wedding bands cannot be resized.
After reading the above options in the metal you have, you will see more about your preference and likings when making a choice. There are no perfect choices, and you should select the option that fits your needs, and appeals to you, and of course, is in your budget.

stainless ring

Details on Mens Wedding Bands

Now that the fundamental things to look out for before buying a wedding band are out of the way, let’s talk about more detailing. Whether or not your band contains detailing is your choice, as detailing is not a primary thing; it is just there to enhance the overall look. When you surf for options in the market, you will see many unique mens wedding bands containing detailing simply to add to the look.

milgrain finish ring

Milgrain on mens wedding rings

The milgrain look is a popular one when it comes to wedding bands specifically. This technique uses small balls or beads of metal to make borders on the wedding band. In this way, the band gets an enhanced look and a texture as well.

diamond mens wedding bands


Diamonds? You must be wondering, how can diamonds be added to a man’s wedding band, right? Since diamonds are associated with women and often found in women’s engagement rings, most people steer clear of men’s diamond wedding bands. However, the truth is that men’s wedding rings with diamonds are trendy, whether the diamonds are accentuated on the borders or in the middle in a pattern. Men’s black diamond wedding band is a trending choice on the market; the addition of diamonds enhances the black color of the band.

two tone ring for men


Carving in mens wedding bands offers more sentimental value to the band as well. This value is because you can get your initials or a small saying carved inside or on the band. If not that, you can go for the good old simple carving designs like a striped pattern.

How to take care of mens wedding bands?

Now that the purchasing part is out of the way, you should also be well aware of how to take care of mens wedding bands so that the one you get can last long.
Before making the purchase, you should decide on potential factors that will affect the choice of metal, style, width, and finish you get. Is the wearer going to do a lot of strenuous tasks wearing the ring? Is he going to wear it all the time? Is the wearer allergic to something?

What size would best fit him? After considering the questions, buy the ring as that is the first part of getting the wedding band.
Like all other jewelry items, you should keep mens wedding bands away from hard items not to be scratched or damaged on impact. Keep the band in a dry place; a better option would be to wrap it in a piece of fabric when taking it off and storing it somewhere.

How to clean mens wedding bands?

Since the guy will use the wedding band a lot, it will have to be cleaned often. For cleaning the band:
1. Take some warm water and add a few drops of liquid soap to it.
2. Let the band soak in the solution for a short while (15-20 minutes), and then use a soft toothbrush or cloth to clean the band.
3. Rinse it with clean water and let it air dry.
4. Remember not to use heat-providing tools like blow dryers to dry the ring, as heat can negatively affect many metals.

You are now well aware of what men wedding rings are and what you need to think about before getting one for your man. For a quick recap: decide the width you want, the style and structure of the band, the metal you would prefer, the finish of that metal, and any other detailing you want to add. And keep yourself updated on how to take care of the band. So, what are you waiting for? Get yours made now!

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