Buying jewelry is already a difficult task on its own, and even harder is said about lesbian wedding rings for your significant other is at a whole different level. It helps to pick and choose a wedding ring with your partner. You can decide on the culmination of your combined personality choose a pair of rings that best suit your personality. This choice has a significant personal meaning for both of you. Today, we will discuss how you can choose the perfect Lesbian Wedding Rings for a lesbian couple.

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Things to consider when looking for the perfect lesbian wedding rings

Weddings have been discussed so many times since their inception, presented in so many forms in the media that every marriage boils down to the same old cliches that are sometimes hard to shed. The first thing to know before buying the perfect ring for your wedding is the best; you are a lesbian couple, so throw the traditional buying guides out of the window. While love and commitment are the foundation of any marriage, the way you choose material things should only work around you and your partner, not anyone else. Let’s consider these aspects to buy a perfect set of Lesbian Wedding Rings.

Choosing the Styles

The second step of buying Lesbian Wedding Rings is to choose a style that represents you both, and you are in luck; we have lined up a few terrific style options for you that will compliment your rings.

Distinct Center Gemstones

You can choose different colors and gems for your centerpieces. The jewels are diverse, bringing out the difference in your personalities while the core is the same, showing commitment and love for the relationship. Different colors will pop out the stunning colors as a couple.

You can even mix and match different gemstones to enhance the outlook. Still, you should consider matching colors that blend well with each other and not start conflicting as one might try to overcome the other for the attention of a centerpiece. You can also match different colors next to each other on the natural wheel of colors; for example, purple goes well with blue, while red goes excellent with oranges. You can also mix and match monochromatic colors with different shades and hues, precisely enhancing the center stone.

Bands with Distinct Widths

Again, choose a similar underlying style but change the width of the band that suits you to compliment your personalities if you like minimalistic styles. You can add etching or banding to your center band and even add a diamond included.

While your spouse can choose rose gold, you can go with pure gold or even platinum with varying widths to complement each other. Finally, you can choose different stones if embedded to promote your personality that goes well with your spouse.

Varying Accents

This style uses the same concept as a centerpiece for a gemstone but for thinner bands having different gems that you like—a combination of sapphire and garnet, diamonds and emeralds, or even black and clear diamonds.

Matching Sets

While one of you wears a wedding ring, the other can wear the matching wedding ring to combine the cohesiveness of both for a much more matching look.

Eternity Rings

This is a stunning idea for a match made in heaven and forever being together in your life. These rings have different styles that match well together while providing diversity in slight changes to match each of your personalities. They can be stacked with more rings down the line if you choose to buy a pair for your coming anniversary.

Customized Rings

While most jewelers provide multiple options to tailor-make your Lesbian Wedding Rings resonate with your style, it is entirely your choice to choose what is best for you as a couple.

Choosing a Setting for the Perfect Style

Buying a wedding ring is just not stones and colors; a lot more rests on the unique setting each ring type allows you to rest your gemstone in. A few good examples could be that choosing a prong setting is more for a single stone or diamond feature, which is most popular with the solitaire type of rings, making it a classic and timeless choice.

Secondly is the halo setting for the Lesbian Wedding Rings, which has tons of smaller diamonds and stones embedded around the center stone, enhancing the center piece’s look and making your ring look more prominent. You can even go with the Cathedral setting if you love their intricate designs, adding a class to otherwise a regular or a cheaper ring, for that matter. Last but not least is the bezel setting, which enhances the centerpiece with only a metal surrounding it like a bezel from any metal that goes well with the stone.

How Much Does Your Budget Allow?

Discuss with your partner, if you are not planning on surprising them, about what you both have in mind and the upper limit you both can set. During all the excitement, you can’t get stuck after all the hard work of choosing a great and perfect style for a ring that you cannot buy easily. After all, it is more about the gesture and commitment than the shine of diamonds.

Your Love Story is Your Story After All

After you have decided on the shortlisted styles and considered your budget, choose rings and stones that resonate with your lifestyle, not jumping on the bandwagon. You can choose a birthstone for a special time in your life, like when you met or first consummated. Things like these will always bring joy to your life.

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Finally, Choosing the Center stone of your Lesbian Wedding Rings

For some, it can be the first choice; for others, it can be the last after going around with other aspects to squeeze in as much from their budget as possible. Each type of gemstone can help you get closer to your partner and choose the best for you as a couple.


The traditional offer and a classic option, always the enduring choice for your long-lasting relationship. They shine the best and last the longest due to their hardness. Most couples go for diamonds no matter their budget from the twinkles they get when buying wedding rings.

Colored Diamonds that are Fancier

We know that most famous diamonds are polished to look colorless, but the more color in your life doesn’t hurt anyone, and let’s face it, they retain their shine but come at a cheaper cost. The best part is that diamond is found in natural color states in different colors of the rainbow, with nothing short of dark chocolate to pale champagne. You have such a high number of options available to you that you can pick a birthstone color and buy it in diamonds for your wedding ring.

Colored Gemstones

The more colors give you more options and help make a unique ring for your wedding or an anniversary ring. You can buy a few of them over the years to add to your collection and complement most dresses in your wardrobe.

Rubies and Sapphires

Corundum is the collective of rubies and sapphires that provide a mysterious hue to any gemstone color you choose and can make the best ring and statement piece.

Being the Lesbian in the LGBTQ

While it’s apparent that you are in the market for Lesbian Wedding Rings, we believe it is great to be different. Therefore knowing more about what resonates with you as a couple and others with your struggle is a great way to commemorate this occasion and enhances your vision of going forward with your choices.

Keeping Lesbian Wedding Rings Ethical And Conflict Free

Buying any wedding ring for your festive occasion should be about caring for others and considering how these rings and gems are mined. You cannot be a happy couple if you haven’t bought a proper sourced ring set. How can someone be satisfied buying things that take the lives of the underprivileged for granted and makes a profit from others’ misery? Diamonds and gold have had a bloody history for a very long time due to the nature of imperialism and its offshoots.

While it’s easier for bigger companies to implement such practices having the revenues to back it all up, small-time suppliers and miners have it the most difficult. While they cannot implement all these checks and balances while getting minimal margins due to no support, they get more penalized for working conditions that they cannot match that is required of them. Even if they are getting paid well according to their lifestyles and happy with their work, small-time miners in a developing country can’t meet the developed nation’s standard unless supported fully.

Fairness in Trade and Recycled Gems and Gold

Buying wedding rings is not just a sentimental representation of your commitment and love for your partner; the world is a global village now, so we are aware that everything has a price. If the price is paid in all fairness with ethically sourced Lesbian Wedding Rings, you are first commemorating your love for each other and supporting the cause.

Secondly, buying only ethical gold and gems helps others have similar dreams that benefit their reality. It is no one’s choice to be born where they are born. Being privileged entails with you a responsibility to the ones who weren’t fortunate enough to be born in a developing country.

Another possible way to curb the cost and stay in fairness is to buy recycled gems and gold or your choice of metal from a conflict-free beyond supporting supplier and trader as you know you are supporting fair trade and sustainability at the same time.

Excellent Options for lesbian wedding rings

Following are some great finds and choices for you to browse for the best options.

Two-tone lesbian wedding rings

It is sophisticated and sleek, perfect for a couple who want a minimalistic approach to their wedding but still adds color and style to their love and commitment.

Vintage Round Diamond Rings

A perfect style to enhance your look with the engagement statement with these round cut diamonds and finally give the fine details with the classy details having a timeless feel.

Turquoise Wedding Band

This beautiful open-ended look houses two turquoise stones on a Rose gold ring which can go great with other jewelry having turquoise in them. Open-ended rings are always perfect when adding stacks for a fuller look if you like that kind of style.

Reflective Jewelry

The best thing about this jeweler is that they have a great catalog of ethically sourced jewelry and many articles on buying and choosing wedding rings and types on their website. You can browse through their blogs to get more ideas on how to go about selecting the best Lesbian Wedding Rings, and finally, when you have decided what look and style you are after, you can head on to their stores and start browsing their fabulous collection.


Buying jewelry and Lesbian Wedding Rings is now easier than ever. More and more couples are coming out with their LGBTQ love and are catered to by many suppliers and jewelers, specifically keeping Lesbians in mind. We have discussed a few guiding tips and, further on, presented some great options for you to browse through to choose the best for you and your partner. No matter what design, style, or matching you choose, it is of utmost importance to buy what is ethically mined and conflict-free for the best conscience for life ahead of you.

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