Rings are a wonderful accessory that can help tie together any look. They are a must-have in every single jewelry collection for men and women. Since they are such a popular accessory, many brands have come forward with multiple variations in rings. Today, we have so many different kinds of rings that it is pretty hard to keep up. However, the good thing about the abundant options is that everyone has something they will adore.

various ring finishes

One of the many variations that spring up in rings is ring finishes. You can find a satin finish gold ring, a patina finish platinum ring that you please. A problem with the numerous types of ring finishes is that we may not know what we like best. Even if we know what it looks like, we may have a hard time explaining the ring finish to a jeweler, which could prevent us from getting the ring finish that we are looking for.

If you are someone who has experienced this problem or want to brush up on your knowledge about rings, you’re in the right place. Here, you will find countless options as we guide you through all of the trendy ring finishes.

What are ring finishes?

best looking ring finishes aurelius jewelryA finish for any jewelry is the finishing touches added to the piece once it is complete. When it comes to rings, the finish is the outer appearance. Regardless of what metals lie inside it, the final touches that give the texture and finish are what ring finishes are all about.

Today, we see a vast range of ring finishes out there. This huge variety makes it possible for everyone to grab something they adore. You could opt for something textured or even a nice smooth band. The wonderful thing about ring textures is that they can make any ordinary ring stand out. Moreover, they are pretty versatile, so you always have the option of choosing any ring finish with whatever ring you’re getting made. These will help you get that perfect statement piece.

How are ring finishes made?

To really understand how ring finishes work, it is crucial first to know the different types of rings that can be made. Almost every type requires a different method so that the finish is applied correctly. The different types are as follows:

Plated rings

Plated rings are made using a base metal. This metal is coated with a precious metal of your choice. In this case, the finishing needs to be first applied onto the base metal, and then the process of plating can start to prevent chipping. This can be followed by polishing or adding any extra touches afterward.

Filled and vermeil rings

Filled rings and vermeil ones are pretty similar when it comes to making. Base metal is involved, but the outer layering of the preferred metal is much thicker. The finishing process for both is pretty much the same. In most cases, the base metal can stay as is, and the finishing is done after the second metal coats it. However, if the layer is too thin or the finishing requires the ring to be cut or scraped deeply, the base metal may need a few adjustments. This is pretty rare because filled and vermeil rings have a pretty thick layer of metal on the outside.

Solid rings

Solid rings are those that have one consistent metal all the way through. Since there is no base metal to worry about, the finishing for solid rings is always done in the end. This is because it is the same metal to the very core, and any adjustments won’t expose another metal, and nothing will clash while attempting to finish it.

What are the different types of ring finishes?

If you have been looking out for some gold ring finishes or perhaps for another metal, you’ve landed on the right place to be. We have explained all the popular finishes below so you can get some extra help picking the one you like best. Get ready to upgrade your ring collection with the most fabulous options of ring finishes out there.


A brush finish ring gives a very rustic appeal that many would find phenomenal. The finish has slight depressions in it that are familiar to brushstrokes that appear on a canvas as you paint. A brushed finish ring is pretty popular and is adored by many.

two gold rings with brushed finish surface

Hammered and Polished Ring Finishes

A hammered finish ring that never fails to deliver is the hammered and polished finish. For this ring, imagine you were to gently hammer a ring to make small flat indentations in it that resemble snakeskin. This design is then polished to give that beautiful shiny look that everyone adores. (Example on the photo shows Hammered and Polished Finish on the Hammered Chevron Wedding Band)

white gold v-band with hammered polish

Vertically Hammered

A hammer finish ring can be horizontal or vertical. If the ring has a vertically hammered finish, the indentations will appear to be vertically aligned all over the ring. This can occur in long sections or short and numerous ones.

18k white gold vertically hammered

Horizontally Hammered

Horizontally hammered rings have that beautiful look that all hammered rings carry. This ring finish is slightly different as the hammering pattern is inlayed horizontally. This could be in the form of long horizontal patterns or smaller ones that lay horizontally.

horizontal hammer finish on 18k white gold ring

Hammered and Satin

Think of the beauty of a hammered and satin finish ring combined. This is how the hammered and satin finish was born. This has the usual hammered pattern, but instead of being polished and highly reflective, it has a satin finish. This is less shiny and lets the beauty of the metal shine through.

yellow gold and white gold rings hammer satin

Hammered Mosaic

Another addition to the hammered finishes is the hammered mosaic. The hammered design, in this case, is intricately placed to resemble a mosaic pattern. They are often multiple small indentations placed closely together to produce a unique texture.

hammered mosaic finishes


The polished ring finish is probably the most popular finish ever. It is the classic ring that is so glossy and shiny that you can probably see your reflection in it. It is probably the most common because it is the easiest to make and looks the most flattering. Moreover, they are the preferred finish for most big and bold statement rings. (One of the greatest examples, as shown in the photo is the Polish Finished Wide Wedding Band)

polished band


A satin ring finish, unlike most others, is not as shiny and polished. It seems slightly blunt, and some even have slight scratches on it to give more of a rustic appeal. This finish is great for anyone who likes to walk away from all the bling and towards a simple and subtle yet phenomenal ring. (On the photo is shown the Satin Finished Two Tone Wedding Ring)

wedding band with satin finish two tone


A matte finish ring is a lot like a satin finish ring but slightly different. A matte ring finish is much smoother and a lot like a polished one. However, unlike polished finishes, a matte finish has little to no reflective properties. This beautiful ring on the photo is the Yellow Gold Matte Finished Wedding Band.

14k gold matte ring finishes look this good


A wood ring finish, like the name suggests, has a finish that resembles wood. It has a series of patterns that look very similar to regular wood. Some rings with a wood finish have colors that resemble it as well, while others are plain metal with a special finish.

white gold wood finished


This ring will have a unique finish that is similar to the texture that you see on most rocks. A stone ring finish has multiple indentations that make it seem rough to touch. It is a beautiful design like no other.

stone finish


A Florentine finish ring depicts a series of little circular or square indentations. They are tiny and surround the ring in a particular pattern to form a Florentine ring finish.

gold ring with florentine surface finish

Natural ring finish

The natural ring finish is the classic that almost everyone has owned at some point in their collection. It is a pretty basic ring that has no additional finishing that stands out, such as darkened layers or hues. The natural ring finish can be best defined as one that is highly polished. However, unlike a polished finish ring, this ring has no additional finishes added to it. This means, after the polishing, the appearance of the metal will be all that’s left. It will be polished and shiny but probably not as shiny as a polished finished ring. A natural ring finish is best for those who prefer the natural look of all metals.

dark antique finish

Antique rings

Antique rings, like the name suggests, have a touch of ancient art. An antique finish ring gives off a rustic look. It has a permanent dark finish that often occurs when you own jewelry for a prolonged period. It is often used with grey or gold metals so that the darkness is visible and the contrast is visible. This blackened finish is what gave antique finish class rings an alternate name: blackened jewelry. This effect is usually obtained by oxidation.

dark natural finished wedding band

Antique vs. natural ring finish

The antique vs. natural finish class ring discussion has been going on for a long time. With such beautiful designs on either end, it can be quite difficult to identify the best one for you. To help you out on your journey, here is an insight into antique vs. natural finish class rings.

Top ring finishes – how to pick?

If you have been planning to grab a new ring for yourself and want some help figuring out the best finish, we’ve got you covered. To get it out of the way, no finish is the absolute best. Everyone has different preferences which determine the best ring finish for you.

The best way t pick the right ring finish is to experience all of them. Look up pictures online so that you can see all of the options that they have in store for you. Make a mental list of all the ones you like, and then hit the jewelry store. When you visit the store, try out all the options and pick whatever looks best on your hand.

Remember that there is no right or wrong option; it is all a matter of what you think looks the best on you.

How to style rings the best way?

There are numerous ways to style rings, but it comes down to what you like best. If you’re running out of ideas, try these:

One simple ring

If you’re going for a subtle look, especially for a formal event, it is best if you pick up a statement ring and wear it alone. One ring on either hand gives you an elegant and flattering look. The best part is you can choose any ring finish you like, and it will definitely look phenomenal with the rest of your look.

Multiple ring finishes

Fancy ring finishes are the new trend. Layer your fingers with rings of different finishes or even stack them if you think they look cute. There is no limit to what you can do because of the huge variety of options that you have when it comes to finishes.

Stacked rings

When you feel like mixing things up a bit, stacked rings are the way to go. These are especially great if you’re the kind of person who can’t pick a ring and love putting on every piece you have. You can stack rings on a finger or two and lay the rest with your favorite rings with different ring finishes. It is the perfect way to show off your favorite pieces.

There is a countless range of ring finishes that have hit the market over time. This is often because jewelers come up with new and improved ways to create jewelry every day – you can always go with the polished rings, those are a classic. No matter what it is you like, there is probably a ring finish out there that describes your personality perfectly. So, don’t worry about not finding the perfect ring. With the abundance of ring finishes out there, running out of options should be the least of your concerns. So, hop online or run to a store and pick out a gorgeous new ring for yourself today.

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