A promise ring symbolizes commitment and a long-lasting promise of love, mostly between couples. These rings symbolize the strength of a relationship and a commitment to engagement and even marriage. Unlike engagement rings, promise rings are less flashy and not that big or luxurious. They can be simple, too, as the primary purpose is the commitment to one another that is a step forward from casually dating.

promise ring is the new engagement ring

There are many questions and doubts regarding promise rings as many people wonder if they are a thing or not. If you are one of those people thinking about whether they are a thing, then this article is for you. Keep on reading.

What is a promise ring?

A promise ring is a ring exchanged between couples. They are a symbol of moving forward in a relationship as the couple starts getting profound and deeper. Couples give promise rings to each other to symbolize and express the importance of the relationship in their life and wear it as a promise to stay faithful and stay together. It represents the love that two people have for each other and is a way to commit.

It is similar to an engagement ring, but it does not have as much hype among people and only signifies a step further into a relationship and brings in the possibility of engagement and marriage. A promise ring is often exchanged between a couple when they have been together for quite some time, like a year or more. They are a symbol and a commitment that mostly leads to engagement and then marriage between a couple.

Short history about a promise ring

The promise rings are known to be date back to the Roman era. In the Roman era, Romans were subjected to wait a certain period before getting married. They would exchange rings as a symbol of their commitment. In the 14th century, people used the posy ring, and they exchanged it. The posy ring would have short poetic phrases engraved on them to symbolize their romantic love. Then there were acrostic rings in which small words would be engraved on gemstones.

Promise rings are most commonly used as pre-engagement rings in the modern-day world. The time before getting married has become much longer than in ancient times, so promise rings are exchanged as a symbol of commitment. The promise ring is also often exchanged between married couples to renew and strengthen their long-lasting commitment and love for each other.

Who can you give a promise ring to?

A promise ring is mainly considered to be given to your significant other. They are given by couples early in their relationship and between couples who have been together and even married for many years. In this case, the promise ring symbolizes a long-lasting and continued commitment to your partner. A promise ring can also be exchanged between friends in some cases to represent a long-lasting and strong friendship. These types of rings would be known as friendship rings.

A promise ring can also be given as a purity ring which symbolizes a promise of abstinence from something. Parents can also give their children these rings to promise that the children behave better. There aren’t any rules when it comes to giving promise rings. They can be given to your partner at any stage of a relationship. The primary purpose is its significance which is a commitment to a strong relationship with your partner. This applies to anyone you give a ring to in any form- a partner, a child or a friend, or a family member.

Types of promise rings

A promise ring is relatively simple as compared to engagement rings. They can be made using many different types of metals and stones, and you can even mix and match according to you and your partner’s liking. If you were planning on getting matching and themed rings, it makes it even more exciting, and you can choose something that resonates with you and your partner’s personality. You can use many different stones and gems like diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires. There are so many to choose from they can be paired with metals that compliment them.

An example would be that platinum or white gold looks stunning with a sapphire gem studded in it. You can also get the classic diamond paired with almost any metal and look striking. One of the main differences between engagement and promise rings is that engagement rings have flashier and larger stones and gems. A subtle promise ring has a few small diamonds paired with gemstones. There is lesser bling and more simplicity in the design of a promise ring.

How to wear a promise ring

A very common question about a promise ring is where you can wear them. Engagement rings and wedding rings are often worn on the third finger of your left hand. This rule does not apply to a promise ring that can be worn on any finger. Most people prefer to wear it o the third finger of their left hand if they are married, and if they are not married, then it is common to wear it on the third finger of their right hand. The promise ring can be worn on any other finger, too; there isn’t any general rule as to what finger it should be worm on. You can wear the purity rings, and the friendship rings on any finger.

The important part is that they symbolize a long and strong relationship and commitment to a specific relationship. It depends entirely on personal preference. If you are confused about what type of promise rings you can get for your loved one, here are a few suggestions:

yellow gold ring


Diamonds are a common choice for engagement rings, but you can also use them for a promise ring. The only difference would be that you could choose a more subtle diamond-nothing too flashy. Small, petite diamonds on a platinum ring look great as a promise ring and are sure to make your partner happy.

You can pair small diamonds with other stones and gems like emeralds, sapphires, and rubies. You can use freshwater pearls and other natural gemstones too. The diamonds can be studded in different patterns and shapes to personalize the ring. In the photo, you can see a diamond promise ring with black and white diamonds.

pre engagement ring with garnet

Precious gems

There are so many precious gems to choose from when it comes to rings. You can opt for different colors of rocks for your promise ring. The important part is that it symbolizes the love you have for your partner. Sapphires and emeralds look great on old and platinum bands. You can even go for rubies, pearls, and many other gems that suit your taste.

Different types of stones complement different metals, so it is essential to go to the jewelry and compare the rocks with different metals to confirm your final pick. Emeralds look nice with gold, and rubies look good in platinum, so both are good options. Also, a great example of a gemstone promise ring is the ring with hexagon garnet and side diamonds. You can opt to get various gems and make a nice little personal ring that represents you and your partner.

yellow gold friends ring

Precious metals

The most exciting thing about metals may be that you can wear them with or without any stones or gems attached. Married couples often wear gold bands, but no rule says that promise rings can’t be a simple gold or silver band. If you prefer to be getting a simple and classic ring, then it may be great for you. An awesome choice is a yellow gold band but you can also get a platinum band that looks good with gems like sapphire. White gold is also an attractive choice as it is timeless and requires less maintenance as it retains its shine and original form for many years.

The use of platinum for rings has become widespread in the modern day. It is pretty and looks lovely with many different kinds of gems and stones. You can opt for yellow gold and even rose gold- there are a variety of options to choose from so you can get what you think is the best for you.

making a custom ring to give as a promise

Personalized rings

The main purpose of a promise ring, as mentioned before, is to symbolize the commitment and love that you have for your partner. This is why one of the best options is getting a ring that means something to both of you. It could be a particular color, gem, or pattern that describes your love. Or you could have the two rings combined, two hearts interlinked, and many other options that bring you closer together. It is also possible to get a mixed gemstone promise ring that has different colors of gems studded into a single ring.

The use of different colors adds a pop of color and makes the ring a little more personalized and new. Choose what you two would cherish and care for and something that has substantial importance to you and your relationship with each other.

Can promise rings be replaced?

When couples move further into their relationship, marriage is the most probable destination. Many people ask if you can replace promise rings, and the most likely answer to that question is YES. For instance, when the couple decides to get married, they can replace the promise ring with engagement and wedding rings.

It’s also very common for couples to keep their promise ring. They can shift the promise rings and wear them on other fingers too. So, you can keep your promise ring and keep wearing it if you would like to. A promise ring can be replaced with more flashy engagements and elegant wedding bands. They look different, but you can wear the promise ring on a different if you like or even on the same hand too. It is entirely the couple’s choice of what they want to do. They can keep the promise ring in a safe space if they prefer if they’re not a big fan of wearing too many rings or jewelry.

The important thing is that the couple recognizes their strong love for one another. The couple should understand the significance of their relationship and their love for one another. The rings are there to remind them of their passion and commitment and can be worn in any order and on any finger. Both men and women can wear rings. If one partner wants to keep wearing them and the other one is done not, then that is fine too. It all depends on preference as one partner may feel okay about wearing many rings while the other might find it a bit tricky taking care of too many rings.

How to give someone a promise ring?

A promise ring can be given elaborately. It depends on the preferences of your partner and you. You could present the promise ring to your partner at any place. They are often given on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, etc. You can also opt to bring your partner out for a lovely event or a special place that is important to both of you to present.

There are many options, but the right one will depend on what you want and make your partner happy. The important thing is to show your partner that you are committed to them. After giving the promise ring, an engagement ring is a highly probable option and something that your partner could be expecting. It is something that you would then have to discuss.


Promise rings are exchanged between couples to symbolize their love for one another. The use of these types of rings dates back to the Romans when they would exchange promise rings to express their commitment before getting married. The promise ring is exchanged mainly between couples but can be shared amongst friends in the form of friendship rings too. This being said the pre-engagement ring aka promise ring aka friend ring is given with love to someone you care about.

There are also other reasons to use a promise ring other than romantic love. You can wear a promise ring on any finger. Engagement and wedding rings are often worn on the left hand’s third finger. You can get many different types of promise rings, like diamonds, gems, stones, and many precious metals.

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