Before having an in-depth look at the Lapis Lazuli rings, let’s have a brief overview of the gemstone. This beautiful royal blue gemstone is also called Egyptian Bluestone, and it is one of the most expensive stones in the entire world. Lapis Lazuli gemstone is called the birthstone for December, and this gemstone is commonly found in Afghanistan.

Whether you are someone who likes small and dainty rings, or you are a fan of big and chunky rings, Lapis Lazuli looks exceptionally stunning and extraordinary in all kinds of shapes as well as sizes.

almost Earth like gemstone

Jewelry and accessories are an essential part when it comes to dressing up. Any jewelry can make a huge difference when you style them with a dress, and they amp up the look in the perfect manner without making it look overdone. However, you make a simple and causal dress more formal and pretty and add some jewels and colors. According to many people, jewelry has to do with emotions, making you happier when you feel pretty.

One of the most commonly used jewelry items is the ring. Rings are a dainty and small jewelry items that can enhance the look of your outfit. Rings also add some pop of color and a different texture to your look. Nowadays, gemstone rings have become a huge hype all over the world. This trend has taken a considerable leap, and now you will see many people wearing different stone rings due to fashion or even spiritual reasons.

Properties of Lapis Lazuli Stone

If you are into the trend of rings made with gemstones, you must be aware of the chemical and physical qualities of the stone. It will help you understand if the stone is perfect for your lifestyle. Also, it will help you take better care of the stone.

When you go to the market, you will find a wide variety of stones with their style and benefits; among them is the Lapis Lazuli gemstone. Lapis Lazuli is one of the most precious and beautiful stones, and it looks extra beautiful and sparkling on a ring. Other than that, the Lapis Lazuli jewelry has also gotten a lot of fame in the previous few months. Hence, you can find almost all kinds of jewelry made with this Lapis Lazuli gemstone.

Following are some of the primary properties of Lapis Lazuli.

Composition of Lapis Lazuli

Like most gemstones, Lapis Lazuli is not a mineral; instead, it is a rock made with different minerals. The royal blue color is due to 25% lazurite, a blue silicate from the sodalite group.
Furthermore, several other minerals in the Lapis Lazuli gemstone, such as calcite, pyrite, dolomite, diopside, afghanite, mica, and a few other minerals.


lapis lazuli ringThe color of this beautiful gemstone is deep blue. However, you will also see some streaks and hues of royal blue, sky blue, and sometimes black. These work together and form a gorgeous and breath-taking color that is very eye-catching and looks stunning when worn as rings or any other jewelry items. In the photo, you can see a shield lapis lazuli ring that can be combined with a number of wedding bands making this a perfect fit for your loved one.


When you see the Lapis Lazuli stone in the raw form, there is significantly less or almost no luster, and it looks very dull. However, the stone can have a bright luster and unique sparkle with proper management and polishing.


Another crucial thing you need to know before getting your hands on any stone is the gemstone’s hardness. It will show you if the stone is low maintenance and can be worn on an everyday basis or it is very soft and weak that you have to wear it with a lot of protection. However, when discussing Lapis Lazuli gemstone, the hardness comes between 3 and 5.5. It means that you can wear the rings easily, but you have to make sure that you take care of them because this stone is not the hardest stone found on earth.

There are a few other properties of the stones that every person needs to know before getting their hands on the Lapis Lazuli rings; however, the properties mentioned above are some of the main and important ones.

Which precious metals suit the Lapis Lazuli Rings?

Metal and the framework also play an important in the look of a ring. You need to pick the perfect metal to complement the stone and enhance its beauty. Some of the most common and repeatedly used metals for the framework of the lapis lazuli rings are as follows:

Sterling Silver

You will find most of the Lapis Lazuli rings with the frame structure made with sterling silver. The reason for using sterling silver as the metal is that it is a hard metal that won’t get damaged easily. The cost of this metal is not as much as the other metals. Lastly, sterling silvers pair very well with Lapis Lazuli gemstone. This metal complements the stone color and looks more prominent and beautiful.

Hence, sterling silver is one of the best choices of metal to use with this stone as it looks extremely pretty and royal when you wear it.

24K Gold

Another common metal that is used with the Lapis lazuli stone is gold. Gold is one of the favorite metals of women worldwide. Gold is the world’s most precious metal, the product you get is exceptionally stunning and striking to the eyes.

Gold is used because of its versatility. There are many benefits of using stone s the framework of the ring, one of them being the price of the ring. Although the rates of gold have increased a lot, it is still less than many other metals such as platinum, white gold, and a few others. Other than that, the contrast of gold and blue is very pleasing to the eyes and makes everyone get the ring. Gold is also used because it is easy to maintain. You can wear it on an everyday basis without the fear of getting the ring damaged.

Are Lapis Lazuli Engagement Rings a thing?

hexagon lapis lazuli engagement ringEngagement day is a huge and memorable day in a couple’s life, and both the individuals make sure that everything that is done is perfect and flawless. One of the most iconic designs is the geometric hexagon lapis lazuli ring which features a minimalistic look and an Earth-like stone. The flowers are fresh and beautiful, the tabletop looks perfect, the decorations are spot on, and even the dress should look the best. In between all of these things comes the engagement rings. The engagement day is not completed without a beautiful and sparkling ring that will take the breath away of your partner.

However, when you go into the market to find a nice and pretty ring, you will find the old and classic designs and shapes, such as the diamond engagement rings. But, if you are trying to look for something unique and different to surprise your partner, then the Lapis Lazuli engagement rings can be the best option for you.

The Lapis lazuli gemstone shapes used on Engagement Rings

This intense blue gemstone is featured in some beautiful and handcrafted engagement rings for women and even engagement bands for men. Here are a few things you learn before purchasing your precious and stunning Lapis Lazuli engagement rings.

Some of the most recurrent shapes in which the Lapis Lazuli gemstone can be the center of attention are as follows:

Round Cut

If you are looking for something traditional then the round-cut engagement rings can be the best option for you. Round cut Lapis Lazuli looks very royal and elegant. With this beautiful sparkling bluestone, your engagement rings will look even more beautiful.

The round cut gems are made to allow the maximum amount of brilliance and allow the light to reflect. It means that the round-cut Lapis Lazuli engagement rings have the most amount of fire and brilliance. This ring cut allows the stone to stand out and be more eye-catching.

The increasing demand for this style of ring can be a bit more pricy than the other ring shapes.

Oval Shape

You can also find the engagement rings in an oval shape. It is also a ubiquitous shape for the Lapis Lazuli engagement rings. The oval rings also give a traditional look and work perfectly for this special occasion.

Combination with other Stones

Another style of Lapis Lazuli engagement rings is a combination of the stone with other stones. Many rings with either diamonds or other stones on the side, and the center stone are Lapis Lazuli. It is a very beautiful concept through which you can get multiple stones on your rings. Saying this, these flaunt the beautiful wedding bands to everyone.

Besides the women’s Lapis Lazuli engagement rings, you can also find a decent variety of men’s engagement rings. These rings also look really pretty and perfect for men who want something simple yet fashionable.


Lapis Lazuli is considered one of the world’s most precious and expensive stones. But still, you will find plenty of beautiful Lapis Lazuli jewelry, including rings, bracelets, and necklaces. These products are incredibly charming, and the gorgeous deep blue color of the stone multiplies the beauty of that product.

The most common Lapis Lazuli jewelry piece that people like to wear is the rings. Rings are the cutest and minimal way to add color and amp up the outfit. We hope that the guide helped you find the beautiful Lapis Lazuli ring.

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