Boho engagement rings are increasing in the modern day, and more and more brides are leaning toward using boho engagement rings to celebrate their big day. They are being used as one of the top engagement rings as their unique style and structure attracts more and more modern brides. They come in many shapes, sizes, and a personalized mix of colors, making the modern bride interested in getting one for her wedding to mark that special day with something unique to her and her partner. Being a bride is exciting, and the most crucial part about it is getting the perfect ring. A bohemian-style engagement ring is ideal for all you envision as the most suitable ring for you. If you want to know more about whether boho engagement rings are picked only by the modern bride, then keep reading.

newly engaged couple with bogo engagement rings

What is a boho engagement ring?

A boho engagement ring is not too flashy and more simplistic than the traditional diamond and platinum engagement rings that are often exchanged between couples. They are more toned down and natural. They are usually made of gold metals and display an array of unique stones and styles. More unique details are more unique details in boho engagement rings compared to traditional rings. They have many designs like antique rings with pretty engravings, lovely motifs, and enamel. They contain diamonds, too, which are unique to only that particular ring.

This type of ring is unique and uncommon. This would mean that the people around you would less likely have a similar ring, making yours stand out from the crowd and having its unique place that can attract attention with its different style, pattern, and stone setting. There are options if you want to choose the more traditional diamond or get some fun, exciting mix of colors for your stones or gems. These lovely rings display a unique feature of being made in a way that steers away from the traditional round diamond and gold ring. With its wide array of metals and different colored gems, it is undoubtedly going to look further, unique, and match your personality.

Why you should choose a boho engagement ring?

boho couple engaged on a beachThere are many reasons to get a boho engagement ring. Many people like to stay on the safe side and get the traditional diamond ring, but more often than not, it does not have any personal significance to it. It does not have the same meaning as when a couple decides to get a ring that symbolizes them both and their relationship with each other.

Boho engagement ring displays the idea of the type of rings that are non-traditional, which gives the couple room to personalize the ring as much as they would like. Designing a ring that highlights their relationship adds more profound meaning and strengthens the bond they share. Every time you see the ring, it would remind you of the love you have for your partner as the ring signifies the bond you share- reminding you of all the things that brought you two together.

A boho engagement ring is more meaningful as you put more time, energy, and devotion into it to get the perfect one that will last you many lovely years. It is a symbol of your love and dedication and, in comparison to a traditional store-bought diamond ring, holds much more importance.

How to choose your boho engagement ring?

There are many different types and styles of boho engagement rings, and choosing the perfect one can be a daunting task. You could have selected the type of metal, style, and the type of gemstones you would like to use for your lovely engagement ring.

Moss Agate Boho Engagement Rings

Gemstones that best capture the Bohemian spirit are a vital part of this free-flowing style. Moss Agate, a gem with healing and protective energies, is definitely in the forefront. Bohemian culture exhibits a playful charm that is best represented in the mossy marbling. Its color and captivating patterns are as unique and individual as a bohemian bride-to-be who is in touch with nature.

The best thing about the physical beauty of Moss Agate gemstone is there’s more to them than that. They go deeper and buying a Moss Agate ring for its appearance is just the first step on your way to discovering its natural powers.


The moon is considered sacred in Bohemian culture. A moonstone holds the energies of the lunar cycle. Wearing a Moonstone ring is like holding a piece of the powers of the moon. Rich in Goddess energy, the Moonstone provides psychic protection and healing. It helps with lucid dreaming and is a cosmic connector that exemplifies the boho flair.

Find your divine feminine side and say yes to deeper levels of crystal healing with the powers of the Moonstone jewelry. Bring balance back into your life.

The Moonstone is here to shine a light through the darkness and connect you to your place in the universe.

Geometric shapes

The features of boho engagement ring that set them apart from traditional engagement rings are the shapes and patterns used in them. These shapes make them unique to the couple and are more memorable. There are so many geometric shapes to choose from. An excellent option is to get a ring that displays multiple shaped stones in a specific formation.

Triangles are not a shape often seen in traditional engagement rings, but in boho engagement ring styles, you can opt for any kind of shape that works best for you. A lovely triangle-shaped stone is excellent for an engagement ring. You can pair it with a gorgeous circular stone set in between two triangles. You can also get one large triangle as the main stone setting for your ring.

You could also opt for a cluster of gems made of different sizes and colors. The great idea is to get two colored stones are close together in terms of color and cut them out in different circular sizes. They can then be arranged as a pattern or a lovely cluster on your band. You can also get gemstones of various types for this ring and cut them into different sizes for a unique and personalized feel to the ring.

Flower Shaped Ring

Flower-shaped rings are a popular option that you would often find in antique stores. These are a trendy option for boho engagement ring styles. People who love vintage and bohemian styles will really love this type of engagement ring. If you go to an antique store, it can also be custom-made according to you can also be passed on to future generations as a family heirloom.

You can even add an engraving into the bad of the ring to make it even more special and unique to you and your partner. Flowers are soft, subtle, and sentimental. Many people these days are looking for meaning in things, and getting a lovely flower setting for your ring may be the best way to go. It is unique, personal, and sentimental- all the things that make a great engagement ring.

You can go two ways of going with the flower ring trend. You can either get a ring with a halo around the center stone that resembles a flower, or you can get a solitaire ring and get one or two wedding bands and wear them around the ring to take a look at a flower. These options are great if you want a flower boho engagement ring. The second option is known to give more versatility because there are multiple rings that you can stack, and you can take them out or put them on when you prefer. This gives you the option of changing your look once in a while to make it feel exciting and make unique combinations of wearing your boho engagement ring.


Diamonds are also used in traditional engagement rings, but when used more subtly with smaller and more intricate pieces, they can look spectacular in boho engagement ring styles. They can be cut into various sizes and shapes that fit your preference. Diamonds are durable and hard gemstones and stay shiny and looking new for much longer than many other gemstones. Like gold, they have been used to make engagement rings for a very long time, and it is not surprising with their timeless quality. An engagement ring is a unique piece of jewelry that you would want to keep for a lifetime. To ensure that, the best quality gemstones and metals must be used. Diamonds are by far the best option out there.

You can use smaller diamonds cut into different shapes for a boho engagement ring. You can use an assortment of differently sized diamonds arranged in a unique pattern to add personalized style to your ring. You can also pair the diamonds with other gemstones that you like. They can be colorful to help make the ring look more interested and unique than the more traditional diamond ring that uses only one large diamond placed in the center of the ring. The different sizes and the addition of other colorful stones to the setting make the ring look more exciting and personalized and add more essence to the occasion.

A great option that many boho chicks like is the combination of diamond and rose gold. Getting a ring designed with tiny diamonds in a lovely rose gold setting is the most attractive option ever and sure to look unique and so beautiful. Another great idea is to use sapphires in contrast with diamonds. The deep blue of the sapphires and the lovely sparkle of the diamonds is sure to make your beautiful boho engagement ring stand out, and you will receive many compliments.

Rose gold

These are lovely and subtle designs of boho engagement rings. You can choose a color that resonates with both you and your partner and make a pretty setting on a gorgeous rose gold ring. Rose gold is a suitable metal that matches well with colorful gemstones, so if you want a soft pale blue or a bold red, it is sure to make your boho engagement ring look unique and so very lovely.

You can also carve the metal into different shapes to add a personal touch. If you are close to nature, you can add a few leaves and vines entwined with the stone to give a warm and natural feel that will make you feel warm and fuzzy whenever you gaze at it.

Another great choice is to use different cuts of gemstones on a rose gold setting. A popular and well-known example is a pear-cut stone. You can assemble a pear-cut gem in many positions. It can be set along with the band in a horizontal position, or it can be placed vertically on the band too.

Gold bands

Gold is usually used for the traditional kind of engagement rings, but it can also be used in boho engagement ring styles. This precious metal has been around for a long time and has been used for making engagement rings widely throughout the globe. It is the perfect metal to be used for the making of any kind of engagement ring- especially a boho engagement ring. The boho engagement ring has many different styles and designs, and those lovely designs look great in a gold setting. Gold also comes in many colors, so you can even match your band with the type of gemstone you will use for your setting.

It can be customized with lovely colorful gemstones with unique cuts and placement positions. It truly is a great metal to use for any type of engagement ring. It is timeless and lasts a long time, so its original form can be preserved for many years to come. Using this precious gold metal and making it into a beautiful design that is unique to you and your partner is the best way to start this new journey in your life together. You will remember the lovely time you spend designing that unique ring when you look at the ring and remember and feel the warmth that it brings.

Gold comes in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold colors. All of these colors are lovely, and the one you go for depends on the type of gemstone and the style you are considering for your boho engagement ring. It is elegant, unique, and utterly beautiful.


A boho engagement ring is a perfect and popular option for the modern bride. These new ring styles are becoming more and more popular as they help make more meaningful connections with your partner by getting a ring that describes both of them and their relationship. There are many types of boho engagement rings to choose from- the various options of metals, gemstones, and placement make each ring unique to the couple. The modern generation looks for meaning in many things, which is probably one of the reasons for the popularity of the boho engagement ring. They are unique and personal, making them so popular and close to the modern bride.

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