It is a dilemma when buying jewelry, which gold type to get it in, and almost certainly you never thought about your skin type when choosing gold type. Choosing different colors and metals other than gold makes it more difficult. Gold has been the de facto jewelry for women for so long. This trend can make it difficult to choose between different colors of gold. This becomes more so with other metals for your jewelry when buying online. What do you do when you don’t have time to go to a physical store and stand in front of the mirror to know how you look? We investigate this matter for you to guide you better in this article. This way, you can choose the best look with the gold color of your choice.

which gold color for your skin

How to Find Your Skin Tones and Undertones?

The first most important thing you must understand here is that your skin color is not your skin tone. Skin color, and the surface layer of your face, are pretty affected by your environment. This attribute remains the same as the one you are born with. A simple example can be when you get sunburnt. When burnt this way, your skin color will change to a deeper shade of your skin color.

Finding your undertone might be a bit harder than finding and knowing your skin tone. So we recommend taking an expert opinion on it. Finding your skin tone depends on the color of your veins. Your skin tone also depends on your ethnicity, such as your parents or where you were born.

The easy way is to find out by looking at your veins. Most skins fall under the trifecta of warm, cool, or neutral tones. So, if you have greenish-hued veins, you should know you have warmer undertones. If you have purple/bluish veins, your skin undertone is cooler. You have neutral undertones if you have rather colorless or almost invisible veins.

Another critical factor is to know how it reacts with the sun. This reaction can most likely assist you in finding your skin undertone. If it darkens in color without getting burned, you have a warm/neutral skin tone. Having a warmer skin tone means more melanin in your skin. Your skin burns slightly but doesn’t tan with a little lower melanin count, which means you have a cooler skin tone.

Which Gold Type or Color is Best for Your Skin Type?

Fairer skin tones have it easy as most metals and colors go well with your skin. You should be aware that your skin undertone can make or break the combination. Making great combinations is a piece of cake if you choose by experience. For that matter, even asking the advice of an expert can help. The primary and ultimate goal is to enhance your skin undertone and not work against it positively. Following are some quick tips to get you started when choosing different gold types:

pink sapphire ring on a red undertone hand

Red Undertones

Fair skin with red undertones will enhance when paired with pink or rose gold. You don’t want to mask your jewelry because of your skin tone. That’s why we recommend choosing gold colors for fair skin or other metals. This choice is good, especially if it gives a pale vibe like silver. Silver goes well if you have blond hair; the paler, the better.

white gold jewelry for the pale skinned

Pale Undertones

You don’t want to look pasty on your fair skin having pale undertones by wearing 18kt of gold. Instead, it would help if you lowered the gold kt. You can also go utterly white gold to make your skin look radiant and let your personality shine. Reducing the kt count is much better in white gold, as silver looks better than other metals for fair skin.

18k gold ring on meditteranean skin hand

Mediterranean Skin

Your skin itself is gold because you are lucky to wear any metal and gold color. You can carry this type of olive or slight tan on your skin. You will look flattering wearing any kind of gold.

gold color for darker skin

Darker Skin Tones

This skin tone encompasses Arabic or African skin tones, even on the fair side. Darker skin tones also help you wear any gold type, just not the shades of silver as they might get masked when wearing them.

southeast asian gold type

Southeastern Skin Tones

Classic gold or Rose gold matches well with Asian skin, particularly southeast Asians. No wonder Indian jewelry mostly comes in big gold Jhumkas and other statement jewelry.

Varying with Skin Season:

After you have classified your skin tone and undertones, you can further categorize your skin into four kinds of weather which open you up to many colors that can enhance your jewelry and beauty. In simplest terms:
• Cooler Skin Tone – Summer or Winter
• Darker Skin Tone – Spring or Autumn

Let’s look into the seasons in more detail.


Your skin works best with crisper and precise colors like primarily neutral colors and shades of white-grey, shocking pink, and red for your attire, while white gold for jewelry.


If you are a summer child, lilac, powder pink, along baby blue, will suit you. Include more pastels and neutral colors for your wardrobe. You can always pull any gold type statement jewelry along with silver.


Orange, browns, gold, and beige colors go well with autumn complexions, and you should avoid darker shades. Same as summer, pure gold will add more color to your face.


Rose gold or shiny gold pieces work well with Spring undertones and can be matched with greens, peachy beiges, and a tinge of gold undertone.

How to Choose Gold Type that Matches with your Hair Color?

While skin tones and undertones complement your choice of jewelry, being a woman can’t hide the fact that hair adds a lot of color and style to your personality. So, choosing jewelry based on your hairstyles and tones is a no-brainer and recommended in most cases as, eventually, it’s all part of the color spectrum.

blonde girl with gold ring

Blondes – When you are blonde, you can never go wrong; if you are blonde, choosing a complementary gold color is way easier than with other hair types.

silver or white gold for ginger girl

Gingers – Gingers have been the center of attention and puns for a very long time, probably due to their rarity. Most will be attracted to you because of your foxy vibe; nonetheless, you can accentuate it with silver or white gold.

If you want to cool down your fiery foxy look i.e.

jewelry for the brunette haired girl

Brunettes – Wearing gold for brunettes depends on their variations of shade. If you are a light and blondish brunette, you should go with yellow gold.

But suppose you have darker hair resembling dark chocolate or near blacks. In that case, we recommend white gold or even sterling silver jewelry.

engagement ring boho

Changing Colors – Often, people change their hair color; in those cases, you can add a few focal pieces to your jewelry to complement these changes. For example, if you are dying a darker blonde tone, you can choose and wear rose gold as your jewelry instead of just adjusting to pure gold or silver. This also holds for people who have gone blonde but have pale skins, can start wearing higher kt gold than 9kt giving you a more increased strike and charm to your look.

What are some different gold type jewelry choices?

Getting to know your skin tone and undertone is good. Still, eventually, you have to select what jewelry will go best with your natural skin. We have some great choices lined up that will give you great options to choose from.

Sunflower Necklace – 14k Solid Gold

This intricately designed sunflower necklace is a great piece to use when you go out as it has excellent textured petals showing its soft look. This is a perfect gift for your significant other as it offers exceptional care and unwavering love. This necklace is available in rose, white and yellow gold.

We recommend choosing white gold for pale skin tones, or you can even choose yellow gold with this skin tone. This piece costs $790 and is chained with a diamond-cut Rolo chain.

flower gold necklace

Custom Name Necklace – 14k Gold

You can easily make an excellent gift for your loved one with any name along with the choice of font. It’s one of those pieces of jewelry that can be used as an all-day jewelry piece and can be worn even on any occasion. You can even add a gemstone for a more enhanced look. Available in white rose and yellow gold, so you can order to make any one of these match perfectly with your skin tone.
Get this gold necklace with name in cursive available in 14-18″ and comes with a flat diamond cut Rolo chain for only $590.

rose gold name necklace

Infinity Bracelet – White Solid Gold

It is the best gift for warmer and red skin tones made from 14k white gold, making it a minimalist design, almost like a silver piece. This infinity bracelet is a simple piece and great for those who like layering a couple of chains or other bracelets for a more enhanced look for only $590.

bracelet with infinity shape pendant

Jewelry Testing:
You can always hold a jewelry piece against your skin to know what piece is best for you as it will shine and show radiance as soon as it is near your skin, making it a lot easier for you to choose your piece.

Mixing Metals:
One nothing else works, or if you are confused and can’t pinpoint what you are going after, you always have the option of adding other metals to your natural skin tone enhancing metal. The metal that goes best with your skin tone can be for your centerpiece, while other jewelry additions can be stacks or something you like wearing. This way, you don’t have to stick to one gold type color or even colored gold.

We have all bought jewelry that was trending during our lifetimes at those times. That can be due to some celebrity you adore and want to follow, or the jewelry was popular at that time. It’s no shame to admit that you might have purchased jewelry on Christmas or any other holiday sale, and it seemed a good idea at that time. You can always stack that piece with other jewelry if it doesn’t sit well with your skin.

Choosing Gemstones with Your Gold Type

Simple tips to add gemstones to enhance your skin when choosing jewelry:

  • Emerald and smokey quartz shine with warmer skin tones that look sunnier, which adds great color to yellow gold if that is your choice.
  • Vibrant and cool-hued gemstones are great for cooler skin tones like amethyst and blue sapphires. You can also shop for white gold jewelry with garnets to enhance your look. We also recommend tourmaline and some purplish gemstones for cooler skins.
  • When choosing earthy gemstones in different colors like brown and yellowish-orange, yellow gold is the way to go.
  • Furthermore, you can always choose reds, blues, and even greens for cooler skin tones.
  • You can always choose gemstones with your jewelry that match the color of your eyes. Imagine green gemstones like jade and emerald with green eyes.

The more you delve into the guide, the more you might confuse. The most straightforward answer to all this confusion is because of too many choices. It is essential to know your skin tone, choose a gold type to wear with it, and add stacks of whatever you like the most. Adding a gemstone or two in the mix that goes well with your other traits like hair and eye color enhances your look. In the end, what matters the most is what you enjoy the most.

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